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In this space are presented several articles in which are described some issues developed in the last revelation that was sent to our planet in the early twentieth century. The revelation is published as “The Urantia Book” and has been translated into twenty languages. The Urantia Book is a fairly complex book for your understanding and many people at the beginning of the study have difficulty understanding the main issues and for this reason they stop reading it.

The works presented in this blog are a short summary of some topics of interest, which are described in different parts of the book, which has 2097 pages. It is hoped that these articles will help students of revelation to better understand the text on complex subjects such as “Genesis of the Universe,” “History of our Planet,” “Heavenly Beings,” among others. Some articles are accompanied by diagrams, maps and drawings that make them more didactic.

The purpose of the publication of these papers is to help the greater number of people to better understand the disclosure documents. After reading these articles and having a general picture of the revelation, the student can better understand the text of The Urantia Book and delve into it successfully.

Tamila Ragimova

Ph.D. in semiconductors physics, Moscow,
Lecturer on The Urantia Book since 20 years ago.
She was born in Baku, Azerbaijan
Lives in Medellin, Colombia

December – 2017

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